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About Us

In this ever evolving technological world, things can get confusing and often frustrating but Opulence was created to simplify the complicated world of mobile payments.

What is Opulence

Opulence is a safe and secure mobile payments platform that works for the convenience and affordability of customers and businesses alike.

Services Offered

Opulence created an affordable platform where users can make easy and quick payments to other users or businesses. Users can also make online payments or send money to a friend or relative.


Opulence offers a flat rate of R0.50c per transaction and R20 per withdrawal and that's it! No pesky monthly account fees, annoying once-off fees or confusing annual fees. We value your money so we want to see you save as much as you can!

02. Why us?

These are the values that are embedded in the foundation that has built Opulence, we live by them.

Operating With Integrity

Opulence believes in operating ethically at all times and in all circumstances. We operate transparently so you never feel swindled.

Striving For Excellence

Opulence is committed to striving for excellence. We aim to excel in all aspects of our business.

Fostering Genuine Relationships

Opulence aims to build a strong, honest and fair relationship with each and every user. We believe that our success lies in the satisfaction of our users and we are therefore committed to continuously interact with our users to keep them happy.

Creating A Family

Here at Opuelnce we consider every user our family. We aim to provide a platform that will empower and uplift them because our family is only as happy as its unhappiest memnber.

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Centurion, Gauteng
South Africa

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